9 Vietnamese beaches perfect for families

9 Vietnamese beaches perfect for families

Mỹ Khê Beach, Đà Nẵng

Officially known as Non Nước, the beach generally referred to as Mỹ Khê is often thought to be one of Vietnam’s most spectacular. Families looking for a cultural foray often head to Hội An or Huế for the day. The former is a mere 10-minute bus ride away from the beach, while the latter is a slightly longer, though still easily manageable journey.

Hòn Tre Island, Nha Trang

While more remote beaches might have a certain draw, there’s a lot to be said for ease of accessibility when small ones are along. For families seeking both solace by the sea and the thrills of urban life, this beach in VinWonders, just a short cable car ride from the city, strikes a perfect balance. There's a gentle current that's perfect for swimming, and the sand is some of the softest you'll find in Vietnam. 

Ông Lang Beach, Phú Quốc

Serene, sheltered bays carpeted with soft sands make this a great spot for a lazy family day by the ocean. There’s little to intrude upon your collective beach-bliss here, save for a few tasteful boutique resorts, all of which happily cater to young globetrotters. Phú Quốc is known as one of Vietnam's most beautiful islands, and while development is on the way, it's easy to find quiet corners and shores to call your own.

Lăng Cô Beach, Huế Province

Framed by a turquoise lagoon on one side and the lapping waters of the ocean on the other, this petite peninsula offers more than 10 kilometres of sandy beach. With its idyllic setting and easily accessible location from Danang International Airport, the area is perfect for a weekend getaway or a longer stay.

An Hải Beach, Côn Đảo Island

Part of a 15-island archipelago mostly shielded from development by a national marine park, Côn Đảo Island appears to have been plucked from a postcard, with pearlescent sands bordered by tropical greenery, The easiest way to get here is with a turboprop plane, but the solitude and the scenery more than justify the extra jaunt. Here, kids can be kids—let them splash and whoop without fear of disturbing other sunbathers.

Hồ Tràm Beach, Vũng Tàu

Though many associate this area with the Grand Ho Tram Strip, an upscale casino, golf course and resort complex, there’s much more to do here than try your hand at the roulette table. Thanks to the development here and in nearby Vũng Tàu, Hồ Tràm sports several upscale accommodation options and the infrastructure needed to ensure smooth sailing on a family getaway.

Mũi Né Beach

Teenagers will love learning how to surf or even kite surf on the crashing waves off the coast, while their younger siblings can watch from a safe distance on dry land. Because of its unique microclimate, Mũi Né receives less annual rainfall than the rest of the area, meaning fewer soggy afternoons cooped up and more family time in the sun. Here you'll find a wide range of family-friendly resorts and restaurants to explore.

An Bàng Beach, Hội An

Less crowded and less affected by erosion than nearby Cửa Đại Beach, An Bàng hits all the right notes. Not only is it easily reached from Danang International Airport, it’s also a short trip from the cultural attractions in Hội An. Spend the day with the kids playing by the sea, then head to the Old Quarter after dark to spy colourful lanterns and the gorgeous, glowing Japanese Bridge.


Source: Vietnam Tourism

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